Customer Comments/Reviews

The best way to get an accurate opinion about a product is to hear directly from the customer.  Read  the reviews below:  

We made an investment in the quality of our life!  By Dawn S.  July 2016

Best Purchase we've EVER made! by Katie S.

"For years my husband & I talked about getting a hot tub.  Our neighbor purchased a Softub from Lakeside Soft Spa 10 years ago and they love it.  Everyone once and a while they would invite us over to use their tub and we loved it too.  After years of talking about it, we finally decided to buy a Softub and it has been the BEST PURCHASE WE 'VE EVER MADE. 
August 2015
Softubs are built to last by John B.
"I purchased my Softub over 20 years ago from a Dealer in Illinois.  I  recently brought my motor unit into Lakeside Soft Spa because my motor was having issues.  They quickly found the issue, made the repair for me.  Softubs are made to last.  I have only had work done on my Softub one other time.  That is pretty amazing.   Only 2  repairs in 20 years.   I exlained that I need my Softub because I am arthritic.  If I didn't sit in it twice a day, I would not be able to walk. They asked if I wanted to trade-in and buy a new one.  I told them I want to see this tub go for 20 more years!   March 2015
Class Act Service by Niles S.
"I stopped in on a Sunday, not knowing the business was closed. The owner was working outside on something and greeted me right away. I saw the sign for the hours and then realized they were closed. He asked what he could do for me, I stated I would come back another time when they were actually open. He was super friendly and said he was absolutely open and asked what I was looking for. I already own the soft tub and just needed some chemicals and so on. He helped me find what I wanted, wasn't pushy, and was very welcoming and cheery! It made my weekend to tell you the truth. I'm hoping this soft tub will last a while longer for me. But knowing the service there is so awesome I wouldn't hesitate to bring it in if it ever needs a new liner or motor pump work. That guy just made me a customer for life. On a Sunday afternoon when they weren't even open for business. Class act. Thanks for the amazing attitude and friendly service ! " May 2014

I should have purchased a Softub years ago by Dale F.

"For years I thought about purchasing a Softub.  I waited and thought about it and would always give myself an excuse for why I didn't need it, etc.   After I retired, I finally desided to purchase a Softub. It is the best purchase I have ever made.  I sit in it at least twice and day.  It keeps me going through out the day.  The only regret I have is that I did not purchase it years ago. - July 2014

It's everything I dreamed of! by Cindy F.

" I love, love, love my new Softub.  It's everything I dreamed of.  I have been setting my alarm a half hour earlier in the morning to soak in my Softub.  Thank you for making a dream come true."  April 2014 

How do you spell Relief?  SOFTUB!   by Monica & Donna 

"After a long 6 hour motocycle run or shoveling over 12 inches of snow from our driveway, our muscles and total body need a "pick me up".  Doen't matter what time of year, the reliable Softub motor unit has our tub at 104 degrees, which is the perfect temperature for us.  Even in 5 degrees below zero, the tub is ready  for us.  . .uh la la!  This is the best prescription that anyone can give and the feeling can't be beat.  Your muscles will be calmed with the energy of the sparkling waters fueled by the jet treams.  I have had knee surgery and low back pain and this relieves the pain after long hours of standing on cement, shoveling deep snow, or walking the halls of a hospital for over 8 hours.  The comforts of a Softub have invigorated our lives for over 10 years without problems.  The staff at Lakeside Soft Spa has been instrumental in assisting with offering appropriate chemical and cleaners needed to maintain use of our spa for years to come.  Thank you Lakeside Soft Spa for making our lives less stressful with the comforts of the soothing waters of a Softub."      June 2013

Softub - Success of my physical recovery & rehabilitation  by Robin
"In my youth I was a swim team swimmer. Currenty due to multiple joint replacements & surgeries, along with significant bone softening (3 stress fractures in the last year) from prednisone, a Rx steroid medication, I have not been able to exercise in the traditional way. Water therapy has allowed me to move and excerise without putting added weight and stress on these bones.  I purchased a Softub for my home so I could have the therapy any time I needed it.   This allowed me to again get into the water for both comfort and reduced weight bearing exercise.  I believe water therapy was one of
the key factors (Besides the Healing Favor from my Lord) in my physical rehabilitation from being wheelchair bound to ambulatory once again.  This Softub was without question instrumental in the success of my physical recovery and rehabilitation."    November 2013

Softub – Made my life more enjoyable    By Janice

“I had lived with arthritic pain for years.  A friend had just purchased a Softub and suggested that I try one.  I thought about it but I felt I didn’t have enough money.  Months went by and every time I saw my friend she told me how much her Softub had helped her mobility and pain.  I finally stopped by Lakeside Soft Spa and asked them some questions.  They were very knowledgeable and helpful.  I was sold on the product and the price.  I did not realize that Softubs were so affordable and did not require any special wiring or plumbing.  The thought of that always overwhelmed me.  I have had my Softub for over 10 years.  I go in it for 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening.  The warm water therapy has greatly reduced the pain and made my life much more enjoyable.  I tell everyone I know that is dealing with arthritis to get a Softub.  They will be glad they did!”      April 2013



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