Therapeutic Benefits

Stress relief

Stress comes in all forms. We have stress from work, school, relationships, family issues and so much more. Stress causes sleepless nights, stress related pains, and over anxious behavior. Luckily, hydrotherapy has been a main outlet for people who suffer from these symptoms. Hydrotherapy involves three main components: heat, buoyancy, and massage. To many people that might seem insignificant, but in actuality it is not at all.

Heat helps create endorphins in the body, which help you become more relaxed. Endorphins are natural pain relievers, and when your body produces them, you feel better inside. They also help when your sleeping patterns are not normal. When massage is included, blood vessels dilate, reducing headaches and other arthritis type pains. The massage also allows you to loosen up your bones when the water pressure hits the skin. Buoyancy helps your body feel weightless. When working a full 8 hour day, 40 hour a week schedule, your body tends to feel overworked more often. But when soaking in water, your body weighs a significant amount less, which forces you to relax, meaning you will not have to work as hard in water as on land. For the work-a-holics of the world, this means there actually is a cure for feeling worn out. When using a spa, the jets are usually centered toward the middle of your back. Hydrotherapy, or the use of jets, has been making people feel relaxed for many years. Now, doctors recommend dipping in a spa before bed to ensure a full night’s sleep, in fact, the National Sleep Foundation( concludes that soaking in hot water before bed insures a full night of heavy sleep. In fact, a study done at the University of Sao Paulo found that hydrotherapy helps sleep and reduces nap time for fibromyalgia patients and anyone else who has any form of sleeping issues. Hydrotherapy stimulates the immune system, making your insides feel stronger and healthier. Each individual cell changes when you enter a spa, causing you to utilize your nutrition and rebuild your metabolism. Most people forget, but being in warm water, feeling weightless and totally relaxing speeds up metabolism. The warm water helps improve digestion. Being relaxed, sleeping, and getting healthy will make all the difference with such a busy schedule, and no time in between. Before bed is the best time to use a spa or bathtub to revive your energy level for the next day.

Hydrotherapy benefits

Water is an essential source to every living organism on the planet. Besides the fact that we need water to stay hydrated and survive, water also provides a source of stress relief, entertainment, and relaxation for all. Warm water wellness is becoming a new craze among many people who suffer from Arthritis, Stress, and Sports related injuries. All of these issues can be bettered by soaking in a spa with or without jets to massage your body. Although many people assume using a spa is only for entertainment purposes, many doctors and health technicians are referring their patients to warm water treatments. This kind of water wellness can also help you maintain your health and possibly prevent other injuries or illnesses from happening. The heat, buoyancy, and water movement you get from using a spa helps you relax and reenergize. When soaking in a spa, blood vessels open and muscles loosen up, causing you to feel more tranquil after a long day of work or running around. This feeling you get is priceless to all users, as it gives you a fresh look for any other work you may need to do in your day. When you need to relax, soak in a spa for about 20 minutes to get your mind clear and your body back into gear!

Fibromyalgia relief

Fibromyalgia is a disorder that causes muscle and connective tissue pain. Although the cause of fibromyalgia is unknown, the pain is still very real. Most people with fibromyalgia suffer from chronic pain, severe fatigue, muscle spasms, and weakness in the limbs. The treatment for this disorder varies from aerobic workout to prescribed medicine. Surprisingly however, people who have fibromyalgia have been known to work with water to alleviate pain and muscle spasms.

According the Aquatic Therapy Journal, “an aquatic environment is an ideal setting for working with fibromyalgia clients. Specifically, the setting should be a therapeutic spa heated between 91 and 94 degrees F.” The warmth promotes relaxation while the patients are exercising. Most patients with fibromyalgia do no want to move, exercise, or even continue with their daily routine so it is amazing that by using heated water these patients are living a healthier life for themselves. Along with Arthritis, Fibromyalgia will not get better if you do not move around and stop exercising. To make your muscles and joints feel better we recommend the easiest form of exercise so you can control your pain. Some doctors recommend water aerobics, along with soaking and stretching in hot water spas or baths. This will improve mobility among fibromyalgia sufferers. Patients who have experienced water treatments are more likely to continue exercise and other healthy habits. Stress management is another main concern for people who suffer with fibromyalgia. Because of this, hydrotherapy has been introduced to fibromyalgia sufferers, making many experience a change in feeling and confidence. Having this disorder usually means your life is cut short by the excruciating pain, but now sufferers can work out, become less stressed, and even feel good about themselves. If hydrotherapy doesn’t work for your symptoms, doctors also recommend massage therapy.

Arthritis relief

According to the Centers for Disease Control, Arthritis is said to affect approximately 1 in 3 Americans, usually in the later years of their life. Unfortunately however, Arthritis can strike at any age. The disability results from trauma to a joint or muscle, old age, or infection of the joint or muscle.The severity of arthritis varies, however most people experience pain that spreads all over the body.

Writing, drawing, and any physical activity can soon become particularly difficult because of Arthritis. Luckily, there are many different options in treating this disease. Hydrotherapy is the use of water pressure, heat, and buoyancy to treat and sooth pains in your body. This form of treatment will allow your muscles to relax, and your body to actually change with the water pressure. Some patients tend to naturally help themselves by exercising more and by using hydrotherapy as a way to relieve their aches and pains. By exercising more, you are promoting and maintaining the health of all your joints and muscles. Although it might be difficult, the best way to manage the pain is to keep moving. Water exercises, like stretching and performing leg abductions, can help greatly with Arthritis pain. Exercising outdoors can put more strain on you rather than exercising in water. With heat added to the water, your exercise routine will be more manageable and fun! If you continue to stay idol with arthritis, your ligaments become more lax, and your muscles weaken. When the pain is too much to bear, using hydrotherapy along with exercise will allow you to move with less pain. By emerging yourself in a spa for at least 20 minutes a day on top of exercising, you will begin to see weight loss, and a more toned body. Warm water allows you to release stress and alleviate the chronic pain from your muscles and joints. You will soon begin to feel better and do more physical activity than ever before. The jets in a spa put pressure on your muscles, which in turn boosts your blood circulation, and the warm water will help you become more flexible. Flexibility is never really an option when you have arthritis, but by using a spa, your muscles and joints will become loosened and you will be able to stretch more often. Maintaining a healthy diet is also a key component to treating your arthritis right. Eating the right kinds of foods will allow your body enough nutrients to want to exercise and keep up with your daily habits. Being healthy, staying fit, and making an effort to change your lifestyle will improve your arthritis greatly.