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Vinyl Protectant for Softubs


Vinyl Protectant for Softubs

303 Aerospace Protectant - offers superior protection against the harmful effects of UV rays. Restores & maintains a like-new appearance, texture and color. Repels dust, soiling, and staining. Use only on clean surfaces. Apply every 3 - 5 weeks for maximum UV protection. Protects spa & hot tub covers, vinyl, clear vinyl, rubber, fiberglass, plastics and finished leather. Also helps to minimize mildew problems by keeping surfaces clean and dry. 2 sizes available: 16 oz. for $14.75 and 32 oz. for $23.10.

Softub Vinyl Conditioner - Protect your Softub with Softub Vinyl Conditioner. Keeps Vinyl soft and supple, restores UV blockers. The original Softub Vinyl protectant.

Softub Vinyl Cleaner - Shampoo your Softub with Softub Vinyl Cleaner.

Softub approved product.

Prices include tax.